Why do your next online concert/show with us?

Sell memories, not just tickets

Viewers purchase merchandise as their ticket to the show (t-shirts, postcards, etc). They walk away with schwag while putting $ in your pocket. And we have tip jars to boot. Hurray for happy users!

Mobile first

You work hard to get your audience. Users can watch your show on the go, wherever they are. We send push notifications to drive users to your event on time so they don't miss it. 

Audience engagement in real-time

Ask your audience to help pick the next line of the song, or a prop for the next segment of your show.
Make your fans a part of the show & deliver a fan experience that they will remember.

Creator-friendly pricing

No charges for doing shows. We only make money when you do. Our transparent & creator-friendly pricing model will make us your new BFF.

Let's get rolling!


Email: hello@tribe.show

1172 Castro Street

Mountain View 94040